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Melbourne, Victoria: Another sep forward with AUD 395 million project

8 Feb

The design for a rail-over-road bridge within the AUD 395 million project which will also deliver doubling  of the railway along the Hurstbridge Line corridor and reconstruction of the Rosanna station reconstruction has been finalised. The elimination of the Grange Road level crossing in Alphington is also included within this project

The new rail-over-road bridge will eliminate the Lower Plenty Road level crossing in Rosanna which has long antagonised road users with the traffic congestion attributable to the level crossing at which the barriers can be down 43 minutes in the hour at peak times..

The project is scheduled for completion in 2019

Victoria: Crossing closure extra costs could be AUD 1.0 billion

21 Sep

Having successfully leased the Port of Melbourne to the private sector for AUD 9.7 billion, the State of Victoria has now put a further eleven Melbourne conurbation level crossing closure projects out to tender.

The State Government is intent on having 37 level crossing elimination projects underway or completed in advance of the 2018 state elections. However, the state’s Public Transport Minister has warned that eliminating 50 level crossings in the Melbourne metropolitan region may now cost between AUD 6.0-7.0 billion, this is up to AUD 1.0 billion than previously anticipated. subsequent “clarification” has said that the level crossing elimination budget remains between AUD 5.0-6.0 billion with the balance to be charged to the budget for station reconstruction and other consequential rail network improvements

However, the money coming from the Federal Government’s asset recycling scheme bonus payment of 15% of the sum raised from the lease of the Port of Melbourne has been halved to AUD 877.5 million because the state government-federal government bilateral agreement was not concluded before June 30th, 2016. A state cry of foul appears justified.

The incoming 2014 labor administration pledged to eliminate 50 greater Melbourne urban level crossings within two four-year parliamentary terms with 20 to be gone by 2018.


Pirron Yallock: Truck – train collision, crossing upgrade by end of year

15 Jul

A passenger train derailed with injuries to 19 as a result of a collision with a truck on a the Phalps Road level crossing in Pirron Yallock, near Colac, Victoria. The accident on July 13th, 2016 was at a crossing with a significant incident history which four years ago triggered an upgrade of the crossing four years ago. However, the lightly-used crossing is not due to have automatic half-barriers installed until the end of 2016. Unsurprisingly, questions are being asked as to why it takes more than four years to complete this upgrade.

Melbourne: Next grade-separation visibly moving ahead

10 May

Evidence that the project to eliminate the Blackburn Road level crossing in  Blackburn, near Melbourne is moving ahead is now very much in evidence. While the excavation of the nine-metre deep cutting that will allow Blackburn Road to cross the railway at the current street level is still more than seven-months away, piling rigs will soon be on site.With more than 1,000 concrete piles to be constructed, some up to 15 metres deep,this is a major step along the way to grade separation.

Melbourne, VIC: New Gardiner grade-separation open for business

10 Feb

Elimination of the Burke Road level crossing in Gardiner by way of a grade separation has been completed as a component of the State Government programme to eliminate 50 level crossings  in Greater Melbourne, within two parliamentary terms (i.e. by late 2022), is complete.

The solution was to lower the railway and build a new railway station with easy interchange with the tram system. Indeed, one of the beneficiaries of the project is the team system which like motorists was afflicted by the train service requiring the barriers closed to road traffic for as much as 40 minutes in the hour.


This project forms part of a package which also includes removing crossings at Ormond, McKinnon and Bentleigh stations at a cost of AUD524 million.

So far construction is underway at seven level crossings, with the state government expecting work on 30 of the 50 crossings to be underway or completed by the end of this parliamentary term in 2018.

Melbourne, VIC: Level crossings already a 2018 election issue

6 Aug

Victoria’s Labor administration is committed to eliminating 50 congestion prone and higher risk level crossings in the Greater Melbourne area predicated on them securing a second consecutive term in 2018 state elections. This in turn is predicated on them undertaking design and development within the first term for at least some of the 33 with elimination after the 2018 election.

Now, an opposition politician, speaking in favour of the timely elimination of the Buckley Street level crossing in Essendon has said that if the Labor administration has let contracts to grade-separate this crossing, then an incoming Liberal administration would follow through to complete the project. How many more such commitments will flow before the ballot in 2018?

Victoria: State parliament holds-up lease of port to pay for crossing elimination

1 Aug

Last year, the incoming Labor administration took control of the State Parliament with the  promise of eliminating 50 level crossings in the Greater Melbourne region within two four-year parliamentary terms, including 20 in this their first term of government.

Funding the AUD6 billion project was very-much a muted issue during the election campaign as the perceived benefits of crossing elimination was the campaign strategy with leasing the Port of Melbourne to the private sector as Labor’s answer to the source of funding.

Now, legislation that will allow Victoria to lease the Port of Melbourne is being held up in the State Parliament. How long before this impacts on the crossing elimination programme is a question that needs to be answered as does the value to be unlocked through leasing-out the Port of Melbourne.