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Capreol, ONT: Extended crossing closures are of wider concern

7 Feb


In Canada trains can occupy a level crossing for an indefinite period while moving plus a stationary maximum time of five minutes. Using incidents of extended closures to road traffic in Cawreol, the case for change is being developed.

Specifically the Young Street level crossing in Cawreol sits on a single track railway, to the south of a single track triangular junction with an east-west line which is double tracked to the west with additional tracks serving a terminal facility and single to the east.

Reports referencing closure to road traffic of the Young Street level crossing for between 30-40 minutes have prompted municipal action for a change to the permissible blockage time of public level crossings to a maximum of 12 minutes which is the sum of time spent moving and standing with excess occupation of a crossing attracting a fine payable to the local administration.


Burton-on-Trent, UK: Successful prosecutions for level crossing offences

19 Oct

Burton magistrates have convicted two men for level crossing offences in Sudbury. Neither were local with one admitting an offence of failing to stop at a solid white line and the other for running red lights. the first conviction generated a fine of GBP and a further GBP105 comprising costs and a victim surcharge. The second man was fined GBP 20 more and the same in costs and victim surcharge. Both motorists were also given three penalty points on their driving licence. Both offences were detected by British Transport Police in March 2014.