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Corinth, MS: Increased train speed to make crossings safer

15 Jul

An increase in line speed from 25mph to 40mph will improve safety at level crossing of the Norfolk Southern east-west line through Corinth. This is because at lower speeds there is a greater temptation to cross after alarms and stop lights have started to warn of an approaching train. This plays through the mental model that the extended wait while a long train crosses is worth running the lights, particularly as a slow train won’t harm you – a falsehood if ever there was one.

York, UK: 25 incidents in past year generates safety awareness drive

23 Apr

The Haxby Road automatic half barrier level crossing in York has seen 25 safety related incidents in the last 12 months, Network Rail has said. As a result, a safety awareness drive has been launched by the company to address red-light running and other misuse of the level crossing. Isn’t this a level crossing in need of photo-enforcement cameras?

Hykeham, UK: Enforcement cameras now in place

23 Apr

Photo-enforcement cameras have been installed at Hykeham automatic half-barrier equipped level crossing near Lincoln. The objective is to deter red light-running and by extension weaving around the barriers. The cameras are linked to number plate recognition technology with the images obtained admissible as evidence when prosecuting offences occurring at this level crossing.

Shiplake, UK: Appearance comes before safety

14 Oct

Petitions against the installation of safety cameras at Shiplake’s much misused level crossing are circulating within the community. A central point of the petitions is that these cameras are intrusive in a rural environment. Those organising the petitions also choose to ignore Government guidance that photo-enforcement cameras should be conspicuous as are these which are to a standard design. Me thinks a case of appearance over safety! Or, is it a wish for discrete cameras and enforcement without the deterrent of conspicuous cameras to address red-light running?

Dandenong, VIC: Red light runners targeted in safety blitz

29 Aug

Motorists who run the red at the South Gippsland Highway in Dandenong are being targeted in an enforcement initiate that will be handing out AUD738 fines along with four demerit points. Additionally they will face the possibility of a criminal prosecution for more serious offences. The police are using both covert and overt approaches to the identification of offenders.

The safety blitz follows three near-miss incidents and two collisions in August 2014. This notorious automatic half-barrier level crossing has a long history of red light running.

Houston, TX: Twice a red-runner, twice the stupidity?

4 Apr

The MTA Police in Houston has released CCTV footage of a motorist running the red lights at a level crossing, performing a U-turn, re-crossing the railway and at that point his vehicle being hit by a light-rail train operated by Harris County’s Metro Transit Authority. Fortunately the four occupants of the road vehicle, including two children, were not seriously injured. As would be expected the motorist has been arrested. The collision occurred on March 26th, 2014 at about 16.00 on the level crossing at the intersection of Fannin and Naomi streets close to The Astrodome in the Reliant Park district of the city.

Rustenburg, South Africa: Three children killed in crossing collision

22 Mar

North West Premier Thandi Modise has spoken out following the death of three children following a collision on a level crossing in Rustenburg. The children were among a group of 12 children travelling from Zinniaville to Rustenburg Noord on March 20th, 2014.

The Premier issued a prepared statement which said “Drivers who ignore rules of the road and warnings not to beat trains at level crossings are still putting lives of passengers at risk.”

A police source has said that there were witnesses to the level crossing collision who said that the vehicle in which the children were travelling had overtaken a line of traffic already stopped at the level crossing and entered the crossing as the train arrived. Other reports say that the vehicle then became stuck on the crossing before it was hit by the train.

The premier called for the police to clamp down on reckless driving, overloading, and illegal scholar transportation. She also urged parents to ensure that their children were transported in properly licensed vehicles and to ensure that they travelled in vehicles that were not over-loaded.

The Police is investigating whether a case of culpable homicide can be made and why the vehicle was illegally carrying the school children. In any event, the police has made clear that the driver would face an additional charge of reckless and negligent driving. The police has also launched an investigation of overloading the vehicle and contravening the National Road Traffic Act.