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Australia: 10th national Rail Safety Week underway

11 Aug

The Australasian rail industry is uniting for the tenth anniversary of Rail Safety Week (August 10th-16th, 2015) and is marking the occasion with the launch of a new video asking commuters to consider what rail safety means to them.

General Manager of the TrackSAFE Foundation, Naomi Frauenfelder, commented on the video’s core message of rail safety being everyone’s responsibility and said that people should use Rail Safety Week as a time to reflect on how to behave when near tracks and trains.

“After a decade of industry raising awareness about the importance of being safe near tracks and trains, it is critical that the impetus and ownership be supported by the commuting public,” said Ms Frauenfelder.

“Today is marked by the launch of a new video which shines a light on peoples thoughts on rail safety; from students not using their phones on their way to school, to a mother holding on to her pram, to the on duty police officer enforcing the rules at a local level crossing.

“Each person values what rail does for them and respects the safety measures put in place to ensure that their lives, and the lives of those around them, are kept out of harm’s way.

“Whether going to go to work, to school, on holiday or visiting friends and family, everyone deserves to get there and back safely, and that is what this video promotes,” said Ms Frauenfelder.

TrackSAFE represents the rail industry in working together to mitigate the number of incidents and the resultant trauma caused to employees. With the support of its members, jurisdictional police, state government and other key stakeholders, Rail Safety Week activities will be rolled out across the country for the entire week in an effort to encourage everyone to ‘be responsible’ and safe around tracks and trains.

“Over the years, more and more rail organisations have become involved in this community awareness initiative by visiting schools, holding competitions, running advertising campaigns, and ultimately increasing awareness of the importance of rail safety,” Ms Frauenfelder continued.

“Every single death or injury on the rail network is avoidable if people obey the signs and signals and always exercise caution.

“This Rail Safety Week, I implore all Australian’s and New Zealander’s to listen to our message and consider what rail safety means to them, because, after all, it’s everyone’s responsibility,” Ms Frauenfelder concluded.

To watch the video and see a full list of activities, visit www.tracksafefoundation.com.au/rail-safety-week/.

Share what rail safety means to you at @TrackSAFE/#RSW2015.

Illinois: Rail Safety Week gets underway

15 Sep

?????September 14th-September 20th, 2014 is Illinois Rail Safety Week. Support for Rail Safety Week is broadly based involving state and local government agencies including the police, Operation Lifesaver and railways operating within the state.

Tactics are as before, education initiatives and safety blitzes at level crossings across the state, including in the Chicago area where a number of suburban railway stations are immediately adjacent to level crossings at which significant misuse occurs. The problem is at its worst during the morning commute with prospective pedestrian passengers rushing for the train apparently regardless of the risk of being struck by the train they anticipate catching or one running in the opposite direction.

By number of persons killed, Illinois ranks third within the United States with 126 collisions leading to 21 fatalities and 40 lesser injuries. In addition there were 27 trespasser fatalities and 21 injuries.

Australia & New Zealand: TrackSAFE reprises Rail Safety Week 2014

5 Sep

TrackSAFE’s review of Rail Safety Week, August 11th-17th, 2014 reads as follows:

With 1,000 near hits taking place each year it is evident that we all must continue spreading the word that people need to exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings near tracks and trains are around. ‘Near Miss? Near Hit’ was the focus of this year’s annual campaign in Australia and New Zealand, held from 11-17 August 2014.

Events and activities were held all across Australia and New Zealand by industry members in a united effort to raise awareness about the importance of being safe around railway lines. Participating organisations included V/Line, TrackSAFE NZ and KiwiRail, TasRail, Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink, South Australia Police, Siemens, Queensland Rail, Queensland Police Service, Pacific National, NT Department of Transport and NT Police, NSW Police, Metro Trains Melbourne, Brookfield Rail, Australian Rail Track Corporation and Aurizon.

Activities ranged from simulated train driving, educational outreach in schools, face painting, increased police enforcement at level crossings, to visits from Thomas the Tank Engine and the Dumb Ways to Die characters. There was something for all ages as the industry rallied together to support Rail Safety Week and inform their communities about potential repercussions and trauma caused to rail staff when involved in train-related incidents. Several entities also released videos and held active Facebook and Twitter conversations in order to elevate the profile of Rail Safety Week activities. TrackSAFE provided a variety of posters and other promotional material for participants to use at their events. Feedback was positive and a new wave of enthusiasm swept the industry as a result the of week’s activities.

Click here to watch the Rail Safety Week YouTube video developed for the campaign. Keep an eye out for next year’s campaign announcement where we’ll be celebrating 10 years of Rail Safety Week!

Australia & New Zealand: Rail Safety Week generates extensive media coverage

11 Aug

Near Hits Final A3Train Noise Final A3The media around Australia and New Zealand has widely reported the launch of Rail Safety Week and the initiatives launched to engage and educate the public of the need to act safely when around railways, in particular at level crossings.

Examples of the coverage include:

  • Police and KiwiRail promoting safe behaviour at level crossings on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island – a corridor that has experienced five collisions and there fatalities in the past year.
  • A police blitz in New South Wales targeting motorists and pedestrians who choose to ignore the rules for the safe use of level crossings.
  • the Marlborough Road Safety Council has surveyed patterns of behaviour at Blenheim’s busiest level crossing and is promoting safe behaviours to address the risks identified.

This coverage comes within the week-long campaign organised by TrackSAFE and focussing on the message ‘Near miss… Near Hit’ aimed at raising awareness around the 1,000 near misses occurring each year and the fact that a ‘near miss’ is actually a ‘near hit’ and a split second difference between keeping your life and losing it.


Australia & New Zealand: Rail Safety Week update

23 Jun

LXinfoImage1256-Rail Safety Week 2014Set for the week of August 11-17th, 2014, Rail Safety Week will once again take centre stage across the industry as both Australia and New Zealand gear up to spread the message of rail safety organised by the TrackSAFE Foundation.

The Rail Safety Week Committee decided that this year’s campaign theme will focus on the message of ‘Near Miss….Near Hit’. The theme is aimed at raising awareness around the 1,000 near hits taking place each year, and the fact that a ‘near miss’ is actually a ‘near hit’ – a split second difference in keeping your life and losing it.

The Rail Safety Week team are currently working towards the final concepts for the campaign and will meet again this month to finalise the activities taking place across Australia.

For the latest updates follow TrackSAFE on Twitter @TrackSAFE or on Facebook.

Canada: Public-Rail Safety Week wraps-up

6 May

See Tracks? Think Train! was the core message of Canada’s Public-Rail Safety Week that wrapped-up on May 4th, 2014 having attracted nation-wide media interest

Throughout the week, Operation Lifesaver Canada partnered with supporters of the initiative to promote rail safety through a variety of activities such as crossing blitzes, mock collisions, and school presentations. All of which are proven to be successful when sharing the message of rail safety.

Public-Rail Safety Week is an annual reminder that rail safety remains an issue in Canada. Operation Lifesaver Canada closely track rail safety data on crossing collisions, trespassing incidents, fatalities, and serious injuries. This year a very informative infographic highlighted some of the most notable data.

LXinfoImage1247-Rail Safety Week infographic

The message from Operation Lifesaver Canada was that ehind these incidents are real people. Those who are killed or injured are not the only ones who lose – so do rail workers and families who are forever changed by an individual’s loss. Don’t become a part of this rail safety story. This Public-Rail Safety Week, learn what it takes to stay alive around the tracks. In short, get the rail safety conversation started.

Australia & New Zealand: Stronger together to address rail deaths

8 Nov

LXinfoImage1018-trackSAFE logoAustralia and New Zealand have joined forces to secure reduced risk through education and awareness initiatives. This reflects the merger of New Zealand rail safety charity the Chris Cairns Foundation with Australia’s harm prevention charity TrackSAFE.

The formal launch of TrackSAFE Foundation New Zealand (“TrackSAFE NZ”) was held at New Zealand’s Parliament on October 15th, 2013, with Chairman of TrackSAFE in Australia Mr Bob Herbert saying he is delighted to see a formal collaboration between the two organisations.

Too many people lose their lives in preventable incidents in both New Zealand and Australia,” said Mr Herbert. “I am delighted to be here in New Zealand to support this initiative and show that we are united in addressing the issue of rail safety and working together for a better future for Australians and New Zealanders,” he said.

Chairman of the TrackSAFE NZ Board Mr Jim Quinn acknowledging the Chris Cairns Foundation as being a successful initiative and expressed excitement about formally working together with TrackSAFE to pool ideas, share resources and contribute to mutually beneficial rail safety campaigns. “We can’t afford to be complacent and let this issue fall off the agenda,” said Mr Quinn. “One level crossing collision between a fully loaded passenger train and a heavy vehicle could be potentially catastrophic and every near collision, incident and fatality can also cause severe and lasting trauma for affected rail employees.”

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed to formalise the agreement between the two organisations. Chris Cairns will remain an ambassador to the two TrackSAFE organisations and will continue to actively support and promote charitable initiatives that drive to improve safe behaviour around the rail corridor in both countries.

TrackSAFE in Australia is a registered Harm Prevention Charity that was established in 2012 and based on the model of the Chris Cairns foundation. It aims to reduce incidents on the rail network resulting from suicide and reckless behaviour. In doing so it strives to create a better workplace and minimise trauma caused to rail employees who witness near collisions, injuries and fatalities whilst simply doing their job.

Australia and New Zealand have for a number of years held a joint Rail Safety Week each August.