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Studénka, Czech Republic: Two killed in collision with a truck

24 Jul

Two people were killed when a high-speed Pendolino train collided with a truck on a level crossing near Studénka, North Moravia, In addition a further 18 were injured, some of them critically. The accident occurred during the morning of July 22nd, 2015..

The Police have detained the truck driver for endangering safety on the railway, for which a maximum ten-years custodial sentence might be imposed through the criminal justice system. The level crossing is equipped with cameras, the evidence from which is said to show that the Polish truck driver was at fault because he entered the crossing as the barriers descended. It is not known why the truck driver then stopped his vehicle on the level crossing, rather than driving off through the by then lowered exit barrier.

The Czech Republic’s Prime Minister, Transport Minister and Health Minister visited the scene of the accident, the worst since August 2008, as they had been travelling on a train in the vicinity of the accident.

York, UK: 25 incidents in past year generates safety awareness drive

23 Apr

The Haxby Road automatic half barrier level crossing in York has seen 25 safety related incidents in the last 12 months, Network Rail has said. As a result, a safety awareness drive has been launched by the company to address red-light running and other misuse of the level crossing. Isn’t this a level crossing in need of photo-enforcement cameras?

Hykeham, UK: Enforcement cameras now in place

23 Apr

Photo-enforcement cameras have been installed at Hykeham automatic half-barrier equipped level crossing near Lincoln. The objective is to deter red light-running and by extension weaving around the barriers. The cameras are linked to number plate recognition technology with the images obtained admissible as evidence when prosecuting offences occurring at this level crossing.

Western Springs, IL: Level crossing red light cameras being considered

11 Mar

The Village of Western Springs, a Chicago suburb, is considering the case for installing red light photo enforcement cameras at level crossings on safety grounds. Presently the village has red light photo-enfocement at a number of highway intersections and has received a presentation on how it might be extended to the Wolf Street and possibly other level crossings. The rationale being that they could be a component of a strategy to secure of a Federal Railroad Administration approved quiet zone throughout the village.

if photo-enforcement is extended to level crossings, violation of the red lights at level crossings would attract a USD250 penalty for a first offence and double that for any additional violationsUnder the program, motorists caught by the cameras crossing railroad tracks either when the red warning lights are flashing, or if the gates are down, would be given a USD250 ticket for the first violation, with a USD500 fine for follow-up violations.

An issue to be addressed in the eyes of local politicians is the cost of installing and managing the enforcement cameras as the current scheme for highway intersections within the village is contracted out. A factor to be considered is the number of level crossing related infractions likely to be detected per camera and the revenue that would accrue to the village after all fees and charges have ben met. in any event, the primary consideration should be the safety benefits arising from fewer level crossing red light violations.

Shiplake, UK: Appearance comes before safety

14 Oct

Petitions against the installation of safety cameras at Shiplake’s much misused level crossing are circulating within the community. A central point of the petitions is that these cameras are intrusive in a rural environment. Those organising the petitions also choose to ignore Government guidance that photo-enforcement cameras should be conspicuous as are these which are to a standard design. Me thinks a case of appearance over safety! Or, is it a wish for discrete cameras and enforcement without the deterrent of conspicuous cameras to address red-light running?

Leominster: Photo-enforcement now a deterrent

14 Oct

A Network Rail funded and very visible photo-enforcement system has been installed at the automatic half-barrier level crossing in Leominster. The objective is to reduce the level of misuse of the level crossing on Mill Street level crossing. All fines will, like other traffic fines, revert to the treasury

Queen Adelaide, UK: Photo-enforcement on the way

13 Aug

Network Rail is in the process of installing and commissioning photo-enforcement cameras in Queen Adelaide, near Ely, Cambridgeshire, where there are three level crossings in close proximity on the B1382 highway. The company has said that they will be used by British Transport Police from the autumn of 2014 as a component of its enforcement system comprising both fixed and mobile cameras.