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Gazipur, Bangladesh: Five killed in crossing collision

10 Jan

Five persons were killed during the morning of January 8th, 2017, when the car in which they were travelling was struck by a train on a level crossing near Gazipur. This level crossing has no protection other than a sign warning of its presence. Local reports say that the road on which the victims were travelling is of relatively recent construction. Thus, there is a suggestion that the level crossing itself is informal and not recognised as a crossing for which the railway administration accepts responsibility.

Previously, in 2016 a man was killed when he was struck by a train leading to an intensification of community demands that the level crossing is upgraded and protected to minimise the risk of a recurrence

Bang Toey, Thailand: Residents demand active controls at busy level crossing

16 Nov

The latest accident on the passive level crossing on the Bang Toey-Pattana road has led to further calls for active controls as the ere are now three tracks over which more than 40 trains access the port of Laem Chebang. Sighting of approaching trains is compromised by other trains. Since the railway was upgraded there have been four serious accidents on this level crossing.

Tabika, Tunisia: level crossing collision takes at least 18 lives

17 Jun

At least 18 people were killed and three critically injured with 95 sustaining non-life threatening injure when a train hit a truck and derailed at a level crossing on June 16th, 2015 railway disasters. The collision was on a passive level crossing in Tabika, at about 06.30 am, some 60 km South of Tunis.

For many years, Tunisian Railways (SNCFT) has been underfunded with the network in a dilapidated state of repair and in need of upgrading. Despite this, the political response from Tunisia’s Transport Minister Mahmoud Ben Romdhane said the accident happened because there was not a barrier. As would be expected the Government has called for an inquiry.

There are some 1,150 level crossings in Tunisia with 250 of them active half-barrier equipped and a further 150 active with only lights. The remainder are passive.


Warroad, Mn: two killed in passive crossing collision

5 Jan

A local motorist and his passenger, were killed when the car in which they were travelling was hit by a train on December 31st, 2014. The collision occurred at about 17.30 on the intersection of Highway 11, south of Warroad, Roseau County, in the northwest of the state. Police sources have indicated that the car slowed for but did not stop at the level crossing. The car was pushed clear into a ditch paralleling the railway.

Mau, India: Six school children in train-bus collision

5 Dec

Six four-year-old children were killed and nine others injured when a school bus was hit by a train on the Mahaso unmanned level crossing in Mau district, near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The fatal collision occurred at about 08.00 on December 4th, 2014. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today said that the accident leading to the death of the six children was “unfortunate” as he blamed the driver of the school bus for not stopping at the crossing to see if it was safe to cross, despite the poor visibility prevailing at the time of the accident.

Subsequently it has been identified that the North East Zonal Railway had been slow to act following a requirement to post Gate Counsellors at unmanned level crossings near schools consequent upon the July 2014 accident that claimed the lives of 25 students. This was communicated on August 11th and October 29th, 2014. Despite this, the Zonal Railway was still to appoint the Gate Counsellors who warn the users of unmanned level crossings of approaching trains at the time of the accident on December 4th, 2014 because it was still “evaluating the tender”.

Wellington, New Zealand: Fatal crossing collision verdict received sympathetically

26 Nov

A young person who was 17 at the time of a fatal collision has been sentenced to 200 hours community service and has had his driving revoked for one year by a judge sitting at Wellington District Court.
While the motorist was severely injured his girl friend was ejected from the vehicle and killed.

The motorist failed to see the approaching train as he approached a passive level crossing and continued straight ahead into the side of the train with fatal consequences. The accident on February 17th, 2013 was the second fatal crash at the Wiltons Rd level crossing between Carterton and Masterton. The first was in 2002 with the result being the death of the motorist. The crossing was also the location of a third non-fatal collision.

The motorist was originally charged with dangerous driving causing death, but he pleaded guilty when the charge was reduced to aggravated careless driving causing death. The root cause of this accident is seen as the inappropriate nature of the Wiltons Road level crossing. However with less than 200 road vehicles traversing the crossing each day, KiwiRail has reiterated that it cannot justify the expense of upgrading the crossing to an active status at a cost of between NZD120,000-200,000 as 63 other crossings were a higher priority.

Because of the community’s view of the level crossing and the lack of aggravating factors, the community service sentence is considered appropriate. Indeed, throughout the time since the accident in February 2013, the victims family has been supportive of their daughters boy friend.

Waco, TX: UP’s crossing closure angers local businesses

18 Nov

Citing safety concerns, the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) recently closed a passive level crossing giving access to the Waco Stockyards. Now the affected businesses are arguing that the unilateral closure has forced them to use an inferior route unsuitable for heavy trucks. The businesses have the support of the Texas Farm Bureau which has said that the closure has more to do with economics than safety. Given the way in which railways opened Texas to many new businesses, they are historically clustered around level crossings, in this case on Old Marlin Road.

A price tag of USD0.575 million has been quoted for upgrading the level crossing to automatic half-barrier status but to date no one has offered to fund this in total or in part.However, negotiations are in prospect.