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Tabika, Tunisia: level crossing collision takes at least 18 lives

17 Jun

At least 18 people were killed and three critically injured with 95 sustaining non-life threatening injure when a train hit a truck and derailed at a level crossing on June 16th, 2015 railway disasters. The collision was on a passive level crossing in Tabika, at about 06.30 am, some 60 km South of Tunis.

For many years, Tunisian Railways (SNCFT) has been underfunded with the network in a dilapidated state of repair and in need of upgrading. Despite this, the political response from Tunisia’s Transport Minister Mahmoud Ben Romdhane said the accident happened because there was not a barrier. As would be expected the Government has called for an inquiry.

There are some 1,150 level crossings in Tunisia with 250 of them active half-barrier equipped and a further 150 active with only lights. The remainder are passive.


Nangis, France: 30 injured in train-truck collision

23 Apr

Thirty people were injured when a passenger train collided with an exceptional load articulated truck on a quad barrier level crossing in Nangis, Seine et Marne Department, about 50km from Paris occurred during the morning of April 21st, 2015. it is not known why the truck had stopped folding the level crossing. The collision derailed the locomotive and five carriages. The local Mayor said that the crossing was not particularly accident-prone.

Cramahe, ONT: Township can’t afford quiet zone

20 Apr

The Municipal Council in Cramahe has determined that it cannot justify the costs involved in silencing the routine sounding of train horns at two level crossings of the Canadian National (CN) right-of-way. The estimated costs of the works enabling the quiet zone have been put at up to CAD65,000 at the Peters Road level crossing and CAD46,000 for that on Ontario Street. There are a further ten level crossings within the municipality

Paris-Roubaix, France: Call for action follows crass stupidity at level crossing

13 Apr

French rail infrastructure provider and train operator SNCF has called for police action to be taken following an incident in which top-flight cyclists competing in the classic Paris-Roubaix cycle race ignored the flashing lights and barriers at a level crossing. Logic suggests that the police should not treat the cyclists any differently to red light running motorists.

However, race organisers have said that they will not punish the riders because the light sequence began when the leading riders were ten metres from the level crossing and that it was unsafe to stop for the level crossing.

Have a look at the aerial footage of the incident at http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/cycling/32284180 and judge for yourself  Your feedback would be welcome as I don’t want to see the same or similar misuse of level crossings during the first Tour de Yorkshire which is being held from May 1st to May 3rd with some of the top teams committed to participating.

France: Station crossing safety campaign launched

27 Nov

France’s rail infrastructure manager (RFF) and principal train operator (SNCF) have jointly launched a campaign to reduce accidents on pedestrian level crossings providing access to platforms within stations. The goal is to achieve zero fatalities through rail passengers being made aware of the arrangements for the safe use of these level crossings. At present most accidents on these level crossings are attributed to user misuse rather than causes associated with the design of these level crossings.

Douala, Cameroon: Motorcyclist killed in crossing collision

15 Sep

A motorcyclist was killed on a level crossing in Douala at about 19.00 on September 11th, 2014. The crossing in question is PK12 in the Nyalla district of the city.

Witnesses have said that the locomotive was running with its headlight off and that the train driver did not sound the horn at the passive level crossing. This, if correct, is set against a Camrail statement saying that the light was on and that the horn was sounded as required.

Wolfenschiessen, Switzerland: Three killed in collision on active-open crossing

11 Aug

Three tourists from Israel were killed and five others seriously injured when the minibus in which they were travelling was hit by a train on an active-open level crossing in Wolfenschiessen, Canton Nidwalden. The accident occurred at approximately 08.40 on August 11th, 2014. There were no casualties among those travelling on the narrow-gauge Zentralbahn train.

This accident came less than three weeks after a train collided with a car at another similar level crossing in Wolfenschiessen on July 21st. On this occasion, the motorist escaped without injury.