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Vehari, Pakistan: Three brothers killed in unmanned crossing collision

23 May

Three brothers were killed when the motorcycle on which they were travelling was hit by a train on an unmanned level crossing in Pakki More, Vehari District, Punjab. The accident occurred on May 21st, 2016when the brothers were returning from school.


Tehsil Monki, Pakistan: Crossing keeper among five killed in collision with a car

3 Aug

A level crossing keeper was killed when he was hit by a car which in turn was hit by a train which claimed the lives of four people. It is reported that the car failed to stop and drove straight into the path of the approaching train. The accident occurred on August 3rd, 2015

Sheikhupura, Pakistan:: Divided train kills two on crossing

19 May

A freight train’s last wagon detached and killed two road users on a manned level crossing. The accident occurred after the crossing keeper opened the barriers as what was thought to be the tail end of the train. However, after waiting road users began to cross, the final wagon arrived at the crossing and struck two people with fatal consequences. Ten people sustained non-fatal injuries. The accident occurred in Sheikupura on May 16th, 2015.

Layyah, Pakistan: 22 injured in crossing collision with a bus

12 Jan

Fog is seen as a primary factor in respect of a collision between a train and a bus on the Karor Lal Esan unmanned level crossing near Layyah in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The accident which occurred on January 10th, 2014 injured 22 passengers travelling on the bus. Of the injured three are reported to be critically injured and three seriously hurt.

One report alleges negligence on the part of Pakistan Railways as the crossing is equipped with manually operated barriers which had been left in the raised position as the crossing was unattended at the time of the accident. At the time of writing, it has not been possible to verify this.

Lahore, Pakistan: At least five years needed to eliminate unmanned level crossings

27 Dec

The Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafique, said on December 25th, 2014 that it would take at least five years  to convert all unmanned level crossing into manned level crossing. This is subject to all provincial governments supporting Pakistan Railways delivery of the necessary changes.

Pakistan: Government pushes provinces to fund upgrades

4 Feb

Both the Minister for Railways Kahawaja Saad Rafique and the Parliamentary Secretary for Railways Syed Ashiq Hussain spoke on February 3rd, 2014 that upgrading level crossing is the responsibility of provincial governments and also the parties with the responsibility of the rights-of-way over Pakistan’s 1,993 unmanned (i.e. passive) level crossings. The basis for this is contained within Section 12 of the Railway Act 1890, passed 57 years before Pakistan became a nation and still in force 66 years later.

The Punjab Provincial Government has committed PKR630 million for the upgrade of presently unmanned level crossings. This has prompted the Minister for Railways and Pakistan Railways’ General Manager to meet with Provincial leaders to stress the importance of eliminating unmanned crossings. In many cases the 1993 unmanned level crossings will become staffed crossings with barriers / gates as automated active protection is not affordable. Indeed, some provinces will struggle to fund the upgrades for which they have the statutory lead responsibility.

Islamabad, Pakistan: Minister dishes out criticism re unmanned crossings

28 Jan

Pakistan’s Minister for Railways said on January 27th, 2014 that previous governments had ignored the issue of level crossings over many years. In total there were 3,987 level crossings in Pakistan of which 2,442 are unmanned. So far 449 unmanned level crossings have been eliminated on the grounds that they were unnecessary.

Now, the Minister for Railways is to write to provincial governments reminding them that national law requires them to take the lead in the task of eliminating unmanned level crossings.

The ministerial rejoinder to provincial governments comes less than a month after the fatal collision with a school bus on an unmanned level crossing in Danewal, Vehari District in Pakistan’s South Punjab.