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Capreol, ONT: Extended crossing closures are of wider concern

7 Feb


In Canada trains can occupy a level crossing for an indefinite period while moving plus a stationary maximum time of five minutes. Using incidents of extended closures to road traffic in Cawreol, the case for change is being developed.

Specifically the Young Street level crossing in Cawreol sits on a single track railway, to the south of a single track triangular junction with an east-west line which is double tracked to the west with additional tracks serving a terminal facility and single to the east.

Reports referencing closure to road traffic of the Young Street level crossing for between 30-40 minutes have prompted municipal action for a change to the permissible blockage time of public level crossings to a maximum of 12 minutes which is the sum of time spent moving and standing with excess occupation of a crossing attracting a fine payable to the local administration.


Melbourne, ONT: Two killed in active open crossing collision

5 Apr

two women were killed when the car in which they were travelling was hit by a passenger train on an active open level crossing near Melbourne, Ontario. The collision occurred at about 10.30am on April 4th, 2016. The train was able to depart with passengers still on-board some five hours later. It is understood that there was an earlier fatal accident on this (Melbourne Road) level crossing.

London, Ontario: Environmental assessment now, relief by 2031

6 Jan

The London city administration has commissioned an environmental assessment of the options to grade-separate the heavily trafficed level crossing of the Canadian Pacific right-of-way on Adelaide Street. However relief from road traffic delays occasioned by the crossing being closed to road traffic for about two hours each day isn’t expected for about 15 years.


North Bay, ONT: Truck driver charged after crossing collision

13 Aug

A truck driver has been charged with failing to stop at a level crossing and careless driving, after a crossing collision closed the North Bay bypass stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway. The collision occurred at an automatic half-barrier level crossing. The tractor unit which was hit be the train was towing a semi-trailer tanker loaded with petrol. The tanker was undamaged. The collision occurred at about 05.15 on August 11th, 2015.

Kitchener, Ontario: Collision leaves motorist with damage to his pocket

31 Jul

A 21-year-old male has found himself with CAD4,000 damage to his vehicle and charged by the police for failing to stops required when the signals protecting the level crossing were flashing red. The incident occurred at about 07.30 on July 28th on the active open level crossing on Riverbank Drive, near the highway intersection with King Street. It has been determined that the lights and bells associated with this level crossing were working correctly when the train collided with the car, hence the charge bought against the motorist.

Northwood, ONT: 83-year-old escapes injury in lawnmower collision

26 May

An 83-year-old who is known to be hard-of-hearing and who was wearing ear-defenders escaped injury when his ride-on lawnmower was struck by a train as he was mowing right-up to the Doherty Street passive level crossing in Northwood. The lawnmower sustained considerable damage, delaying the VIARail passenger train for about two hours. The collision occurred at about 10.38 on May 20th, 2015.

Cramahe, ONT: Township can’t afford quiet zone

20 Apr

The Municipal Council in Cramahe has determined that it cannot justify the costs involved in silencing the routine sounding of train horns at two level crossings of the Canadian National (CN) right-of-way. The estimated costs of the works enabling the quiet zone have been put at up to CAD65,000 at the Peters Road level crossing and CAD46,000 for that on Ontario Street. There are a further ten level crossings within the municipality