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Biloxi, MS: -6+2 = a good deal

7 Feb

Biloxi’s city administration is working with CSX to determine how the number of level crossings in the city can be reduced and traffic flow improved. With 29 level crossings across the city the preferred outcome would see six or more crossings eliminated with two replacement crossings constructed.

The new crossings would be located on the planned extensions of Popp’s Ferry Road and Pine Street. At present the specific crossings targeted for elimination have still to be identified. However, with 20 level crossings in the east of the city between Porter Avenue and Oak Street this CSX corridor looks most likely to deliver options for closures sufficient to justify the new level crossings.



Now road traffic counts are on-going, the results of which when combined with accident histories should lead to the identification of specific crossings for closure.

Corinth, MS: Increased train speed to make crossings safer

15 Jul

An increase in line speed from 25mph to 40mph will improve safety at level crossing of the Norfolk Southern east-west line through Corinth. This is because at lower speeds there is a greater temptation to cross after alarms and stop lights have started to warn of an approaching train. This plays through the mental model that the extended wait while a long train crosses is worth running the lights, particularly as a slow train won’t harm you – a falsehood if ever there was one.

Blue Springs, MS: Crossing upgrade approved

25 Apr

Union County has approved an agreement that will see the level crossing on County Road 265 in Blue Springs upgraded with the addition of half-barriers on what is at present an active open level crossing. In addition, the roadway will be widened an highway approaches improved. The upgrade has been secured in part through an agreement with the Mississippi Department of Transportation that the level crossing on County Road 253 will be closed. Indeed the closure has been implemented