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Valhalla, NY: Further incident two-years on from multiple fatality accident

30 Jan

Media and community  interest in the Commerce Street level crossing in Valhalla, New York, has been heightened by a further incident after an accident killed five railway passengers and a motorist. In the latest incident at about 11.00am on January 27th, 2017, a barrier was knocked-off, it is presumed because it was struck by a vehicle using the crossing when the barrier was descending or had already descended.




Stamford, CT: Partnership upgrades private crossing

27 May

A partnership involving the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT), the City of Stamford and the private River Bend Center Development. The City contributed USD 250,000, the private developer USD 350,000 and the state the balance of the USD1.27 million project costs.

The works undertaken at the intersection of River Road and the Metro-North Railroad’s New Canaan branch operations on the CT DOT owned New Canaan line are the installation of half-barriers at what had been an active open crossing. Additionally, works to improve the crossing approaches and roadway were included within the scheme completed in May 2015..