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Rajapalayam, India: Maintenance train runs through level crossing

3 Feb

Both occupants of a bus were taken to hospital with unspecified injuries when the vehicle on which they were travelling was hit by a train on a manned level crossing near Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu at about 05.15 on February 3rd, 2016.

With a train service contained between 06.00 and 20.00, the manned level crossings on the Virudhunagar-Shencottah section of the railway are unattended with them left as unmanned level crossings open to road traffic. However, it appears that arrangements had not been made to staff these level crossings to allow for the safe interaction with railway engineers’ non-revenue trains. These should, according to an Indian Railways’ source, operate at low-speed prepared to stop short of level crossings outside normal operating hours.

Sheikhupura, Pakistan:: Divided train kills two on crossing

19 May

A freight train’s last wagon detached and killed two road users on a manned level crossing. The accident occurred after the crossing keeper opened the barriers as what was thought to be the tail end of the train. However, after waiting road users began to cross, the final wagon arrived at the crossing and struck two people with fatal consequences. Ten people sustained non-fatal injuries. The accident occurred in Sheikupura on May 16th, 2015.

India: Railways Minister says volunteers should guard unmanned crossings

12 Jan

Reform minded Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu has told India’s parliament that volunteers are to be sought to help protect presently unmanned level crossings. Additionally, help from police officers will be solicited via Chiefs of Police. The move comes at a time of tight budgets precluding recruitment of additional crossing keepers and pressure on the ambitious plans to eliminate all unmanned level crossings nationwide. In addition, there is extra focus on preventing line-of-route trespass.

Lahore, Pakistan: At least five years needed to eliminate unmanned level crossings

27 Dec

The Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafique, said on December 25th, 2014 that it would take at least five years  to convert all unmanned level crossing into manned level crossing. This is subject to all provincial governments supporting Pakistan Railways delivery of the necessary changes.

Masaipet, India: !6 deaths and still the lessons are not learned

15 Dec

Despite the death of 14 school children and two adults when the school bus in which they were travelling was hit by a train, residents and road users are slow to understand the importance of using level crossings properly. The three level crossings in Masaipet, Medak District, Telangana are no longer passive and are now manned, yet levels of abuse are high. The barriers at the level crossing on which the school bus collision occurred were installed on July 24th, 2014, the same day of the accident and since then the crossing has been manned. This was possible as the only work outstanding on the day of the accident was the installation of the barriers.

The antagonism and abuse rom those who are now required to wait at the three level crossings in Masaipet is significant and the barriers are often ignored by pedestrians while motorists blame the crossing keeper for delaying their journey by lowering the barriers too early. This is exacerbated by the neighbouring level crossings closing to road traffic at the same time as they are within the same railway signalling section.


Visakhapatnam, India: Road traffic and pedestrians ignore crossing closure

15 Sep

The Rammurthy Pantula Peta manned level crossing in Visakhapatnam remains closed to road traffic continuously with the result that pedestrians similarly cross at all times, including when a train is standing across the level crossing. When this happens, the pedestrians board the train and alight the other side. As for motorcyclists and cyclists, they force their way around the barriers to cross. While these practices are known to the East Coast Railway, nothing is done. Indeed, residents say that they are actively condoning the practice of circumventing the gates by virtue of the path around the gates which residents say was created by the railway.

In addition to the concerns of local people that their route across the railway is rarely overtly safe , residents are raising concerns that ambulances forced to detour around the closed crossing can take up to 15 minutes longer to reach patients and also on the return to the hospital.

Chhopra Bahas, India: 21 killed in manned crossing collision

22 Aug

India’s East Central Zonal Railway has established an inquiry team to establish the root cause of the accident that claimed 21 lives on a manned level crossing near Chhopra Bahas, East Champaran District, Bihar on August 18th, 2014.

The accident occurred at about 15.00 when a train travelling at 70kph struck an auto-rickshaw that had begun to cross the open to road traffic manned level crossing. All those killed were resident in the same village and had been attending a religious festival.

The crossing keeper fled the scene of the accident. Residents are now asserting that they had already alerted the railway to the crossing keeper’s lapses that had already seen a freight train pass over the crossing while the barriers remained raised and the crossing open to road traffic. This incident occurred about 30 minutes before the fatal accident.

The accident on which the fatal collision occurred is one of 56 manned crossings on the Muzaffarpur-Narkatiaganj rail corridor that are not inter-locked with the signalling system. The sole protection for road users is the vigilance of the crossing keeper who is advised by telephone of an approaching train.