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Wheaton, IL: Another train warnings activated

28 Jan

Union Pacific Railroad (UP) has commissioned the Another Train Warning System (ATWS) at the Wheaton Metra station on the West (former C&NW) Line in Chicago-land. The system will join those already in place at Maywood, Melrose Park, Elmhurst, Villa Park, Glen Ellyn, College Avenue, Winfield and Geneva stations. Using audible and visual warnings the system warns pedestrians and station users of the presence of additional trains when one is stopped in the station.

The ATWS complements new paths that channel pedestrians to gated crossings and more between tracks fencing to discourage crossing other than recognised pedestrian crossings.

Plainfield, IL: ICC authorises crossing upgrade project

21 Dec

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has authoriseed expenditures of up to USD50,000 from the State’s Grade Crossing Protection Fund toward the construction of an expanded multi-use path and pedestrian gates at the intersection of 135th Street and the Wisconsin Central Railroad’s right-of-way in the Village of Plainfield, Will County. The intent of the project is to improve safety in the area, along the path east and west of the level crossing, especially for school children on their way to and from the elementary school located near the level crossing.,

The cost of the project is estimated to be USD300,000, which includes installation of a pedestrian multi-use path and raised median at the 135th Street level crossing and protective pedestrian gates. The Grade Crossing Protection Fund contribution is for 50%  50 percent of installing pedestrian gates at the 135th Street crossing. The remainder of the project’s cost will be met by the village of Plainfield.

Illinois: UP to upgrade 20 roadway surfaces

19 Nov

Union Pacific railroad (UP) is investing USD12 million to upgrade their right-of-way between West Chicago and Franklin Grove. Included within the project is renewal of the roadway surface at 20 level crossings. The project will be complete by mid-December 2014.

The project is one of nearly 1,500 UP will complete across its 32,000-mile network this year to help improve train operating efficiency, reduce motorist wait times at crossings and enhance safety.

Illinois: Rail Safety Week gets underway

15 Sep

?????September 14th-September 20th, 2014 is Illinois Rail Safety Week. Support for Rail Safety Week is broadly based involving state and local government agencies including the police, Operation Lifesaver and railways operating within the state.

Tactics are as before, education initiatives and safety blitzes at level crossings across the state, including in the Chicago area where a number of suburban railway stations are immediately adjacent to level crossings at which significant misuse occurs. The problem is at its worst during the morning commute with prospective pedestrian passengers rushing for the train apparently regardless of the risk of being struck by the train they anticipate catching or one running in the opposite direction.

By number of persons killed, Illinois ranks third within the United States with 126 collisions leading to 21 fatalities and 40 lesser injuries. In addition there were 27 trespasser fatalities and 21 injuries.

Aurora, IL: State funding for grade-separation announced by Governor Quinn

22 Jul

Governor Pat Quinn has announced that the State of Illinois will provide more than USD25.5 million for a grade separation project in Aurora at the intersection of highway US34 and the Canadian National (CN) right-of-way with construction managed by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

The level crossing averages 31,200 road vehicles and 42 trains per day. The benefits of the project are the elimination of delays to road traffic and the risk of train-road traffic collisions.

The project is part of Governor Quinn’s USD$31 billion “Illinois Jobs Now!” initiative, the largest construction programme in the State’s history.

Normal, IL: USD7.3 million pedestrian grade separation

24 Apr

The Illinois Commerce Commission has approved the construction of a grade-separated pedestrian route
over the railway at Uptown Station, Normal, Nr Bloomington. Tenders for the project which, including lifts, has been assessed as likely to cost in the region of USD7.3 million are expected to be available this summer to allow the project to be completed by the end of 2015.

The justification for this project is the safety risks associated with the erstwhile at-grade route over the railway and the impact of higher speed rail going forward. The ICC will contribute USD1.3 million from the Illinois Grade Crossing Protection Fund to help pay for the project. Most of the remainder is to be met by federal high-speed rail funds.

Chicago, IL: Red light runners to face photo-enforcement?

22 Mar

Metra, the Chicago-land transit authority is considering the case for the use of photo-enforcement in an attempt to both improve safety at level crossings and reduce the number of occasions when level crossing incidents compromise the integrity of the train service with delays and cancellations.