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Cedar Rapids, IA: Crossing upgrades to deliver a quiet zone

5 Apr

The first of many active open crossings in downtown Cedar Rapids are likely to be upgraded next year [2017} as the City converts presently one-way streets to two-way configuration. These changes and the desire to introduce a quiet zone will cost up to USD500,000 per crossing. First in line are the crossings on Second and Third avenues with First Fourth and Fifth expected to follow as funding permits. In due course Sixth and Seventh avenues may follow. Union Pacific Railroad is presently preparing estimates.

Sudbury, ONT: Driver flees scene of crossing collision

30 Nov

Ontario Provincial Police are looking for an individual who drove a truck, and trailer through a lowered level crossing barrier and continued across on the level crossing  as a train approached.

At about 11.00am. on November 21st, 2015  21, police responded to a  collision on Highway 144 at the Canadian Pacific level crossing located at Bannerman Lake, north of Cartier.

Investigators have determined that it was the driver of a southbound blue pickup truck pulling a trailer who collided  with and removed the barrier from its mounting before crossing the railway. The driver failed to remain at the scene of the accident, continuing south on Highway 144. The damage to level crossing equipment was an estimated CAD 2,000.


Orange Park, FL: Car turns onto railway, struck by train

13 Oct

A 73-year-old motorist escaped injury after he turned his car onto the railway at a level crossing in Orange Park, Clay County at which point it was hit by a train. The collision knocked the car clear of the railway. It appears that the out-of-state driver was unfamiliar with the highway layout in the vicinity of the level crossing. The accident occurred at about 10.40pm on October 12th, 2015.

Chicago, IL: Has crass stupidity claimed another victim?

22 Sep

A motorist who drove around lowered barriers at the heavily skewed level crossing on Ashland Avenue in Harvey was seriously injured when the car he was driving was hit by a train. The collision which occurred at about 03.30 on September 20th has attracted minimal media coverage with that there is placing blame squarely with the motorist adding that he was travelling at 46mph when the collision occurred.

Northwood, ONT: 83-year-old escapes injury in lawnmower collision

26 May

An 83-year-old who is known to be hard-of-hearing and who was wearing ear-defenders escaped injury when his ride-on lawnmower was struck by a train as he was mowing right-up to the Doherty Street passive level crossing in Northwood. The lawnmower sustained considerable damage, delaying the VIARail passenger train for about two hours. The collision occurred at about 10.38 on May 20th, 2015.

Knoxville, TN: Train trashes minivan in crossing collision

11 May

Three occupants of a minivan were lucky to escape with their lives when the vehicle in which they were travelling was hit by a train on an active open crossing (lights and bells, but no barriers). Fortunately they escaped with minor injuries but also sustained a learning point – don’t run the red, you could end up dead rather than nursing a bruised ego and a trashed vehicle..

The collision occurred on Fairfax Avenue, near Oswald in North Knoxville at about 09.10am on May 8th. The police have established that the driver of the vehicle did not yield as required. However, the reasons leading to this state of affairs has not yet emerged.

Bartow, Woman fatally injured in accident at a level crossing

20 Apr

A woman was killed when she and her passenger were ejected from the SUV in which they were travelling when she lost control of her vehicle. The SUV first hit the level crossing equipment and then a tree at about 07.30 on April 18th, 2015. The level crossing in question is located on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard in Bartow, near Lakeland. The passenger survived the collision with serious but non-life threatening injuries.