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Ufton Nervet, UK: Coroner records intentional death

19 Aug

The verdict of the Coroner’s Inquest into the death of a man on the Ufton Nervet level crossing in Berkshire on October16th, 2014, records that the 60-year-old intended to take his own life.

Cherry Willingham: Coronial Inquest returns two intended death verdicts

23 Mar

The Coronial Inquest into the death of an elderly couple on a level crossing in Lincolnshire has returned a verdict that the couple had intentionally taken their own lives. The fatalities occurred on the Cherry Willingham automatic half-barrier level crossing near Lincoln on July 9th, 2014.


Malton, UK: Inquest returns accidental death verdict

4 Sep

The Jury at a Coroner’s Inquest into the death of an elderly man on a private user worked, with telephones, level crossing has returned a verdict of accidental death. The fatality in question occurred on the Ivy lea Farm level crossing, Scampston, near Malton, North Yorkshire on May 7th, 2014.

The 77-year-old motorist who was killed was familiar with the requirement to use the telephone to obtain permission to cross and is also known to have used the crossing regularly for more than 50 years. However, on this occasion, the motorist did not obtain permission to cross from the signaller and instead relied on his own senses to establish whether it was safe to cross the railway.

Bury St Edmunds, UK: Train driver took own life – SPAD implicated

6 Jun

A train driver who left his job following a signal passed at danger (SPAD) took his own life on the Cattishall level crossing in Great Barton, near Bury St Edmunds just hours before starting work as a train driver for another company.

The fatality, on February 24th, 2014, occurred four months after the SPAD, according to evidence considered at the Coronial Inquest. The train driver was deeply affected by the SPAD which blotted an otherwise 15-year exemplary career. He expressed doubts and was reassured by his wife before he left home to start his new job. However, instead, the man took his own life at a local level crossing at about 20.00.

Grimsby, UK: Cannabis implicated in double fatality Inquest

7 Mar

An Inquest into the death of a motorist and his passenger were killed on the Great Coates automatic half-barrier (AHB) level crossing on April 8th, 2013 heard that the motorist deliberately drove around the lowered barriers having ignored the red flashing lights. The Inquest on March 5th, 2014 also heard that toxicology testing showed that both the motorist and his passenger had used cannabis and that some of the drug was found in the vehicle after the accident. The evidence showed that the level of Cannabis use was sufficient to impair the way in which the car was driven. The inquest into the two men’s deaths heard that the level crossing had been working correctly at the time of the collision.

Network Rail had plans in place before the double fatality accident to upgrade the level crossing from and AHB to a full-barrier crossing. This is expected to occur within two years as a component of a wider re-signalling scheme.

Sheffield, UK: Second Coroner’s Inquest of no added value

31 Jan

The second Coroners’ Inquest into the death of Kay Stanley, a British woman, on an Australian level crossing which had been adjourned as Gwen Bates, the mother of Kay Stanley has been admitted to hospital. Still without the attendance of Mrs Bates as a result of her illness, South Yorkshire’s Assistant Deputy Coroner Julian Fox sitting with a jury has returned a narrative verdict.

The Coroner’s narrative references the delayed addition of half-barriers to the Tyabb level crossing to upgrade it from an active open status to automatic half-barrier; and, the possibility that they may have delivered a different outcome. The barriers originally scheduled for 2007 were added two weeks after Kay Stanley’s fatal accident which occurred on January 28th, 2008.

The narrative verdict said it was clear that Ms Stanley did not see the stop lights nor did she hear the audible warnings. Therefore, the second inquest has added nothing to the understanding of why the accident happened. Thus, the duplication of the Australian inquest with a second British inquest has added nothing of value.

The original Australian inquest in 2012 into the accident found no substantive fault with the active open level crossing and concluded that the motorist had been distracted. Indeed Victorian coroner Jacinta Heffey said in her finding that Ms Bates was never “prepared to accept that her daughter’s death was caused by inadvertence on her part”.

Mr Fox did not made any recommendations to authorities in Victoria concerning the prevention of further deaths as this was covered in the original inquest in Australia.

Yarnton, United Kingdom: Inquest hears that car stalled on crossing

21 Nov

The Coroner’s Inquest into the death of an elderly male passenger has heard that the car in which he was travelling stalled on the Yarnton automatic half-barrier level crossing in Oxfordshire last January. The motorist was unable to restart the car, despite being offered assistance by a witness who moved clear of the stalled vehicle seconds before it was hit by a freight train.

Describing the accident as a “nightmare scenario”, the Oxfordshire coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.