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Valhalla, NY: Further incident two-years on from multiple fatality accident

30 Jan

Media and community  interest in the Commerce Street level crossing in Valhalla, New York, has been heightened by a further incident after an accident killed five railway passengers and a motorist. In the latest incident at about 11.00am on January 27th, 2017, a barrier was knocked-off, it is presumed because it was struck by a vehicle using the crossing when the barrier was descending or had already descended.




Valhalla, NY: Six killed in passenger train crossing collision

6 Feb

Following the fatal collision of a Metro-North passenger train with a road vehicle on the Commerce Street level crossing in Valhalla, some 20 miles North of New York City,  that killed six people and injured 12, a New York congressman wants federal grants reinstating to fund the requirements contained within a presently unfunded component of the Rail Safety Improvement Act. Representative Sean Maloney whose 18th District includes some of the route impacted by the collision on February 3rd, 2015 wants grants of USD400 million over the next four years to address risk at dangerous and heavily trafficked level crossings.

Five Metro-North passengers and the driver of a private road vehicle were killed when a peak-hour commuter train hit the SUV at a speed of 58 mph on a level crossing adjacent to the Taconic Parkway that federal investigators have said was functioning correctly at the time of the collision which occurred after the road vehicle had stopped on the level crossing. The female motorist exited her vehicle and then got back in and was trying to move her vehicle clear when the train struck the vehicle.

As a result of the impact, the leading vehicle of the train caught fire and burned extensively,possibly as a result of igniting fuel from the SUV. The third rail providing traction current penetrated through the floor of the train’s leading vehicle.