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Australia: Regulator publishes level crossing policy

15 Jul

Australia’s national rail safety regulator has published a level crossing policy document which sets out an approach based around no new level crossings and a risk-based and proportionate reduction in risk at existing level crossings through closure and upgrade of level crossings.

To read more go to: http://www.onrsr.com.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0016/17620/Policy-Railway-Crossings.pdf

Australia: TrackSAFE Christmas message

16 Dec

Australia’s TrackSAFE Foundation has urged travellers to be mindful on the roads over the Christmas holidays, especially when it comes to level crossings

LXinfoImage1018-trackSAFE logo
According to Naomi Frauenfelder, TrackSAFE’s Executive Director, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians should be alert, patient and vigilant when approaching level crossings at this busy time of year.

“As the end of the year draws to a close and the Christmas festivities begin, it is timely to remind travellers to stay safe on our rail network, particularly at level crossings. It only takes a second of inattention or rushing to reach your Christmas destination for tragedy to strike,” said Ms Frauenfelder.

“TrackSAFE is appealing to all –motorists, cyclists and pedestrians– to obey the rules and always remain alert around the rail network. There are 130 pedestrian level crossing incidents causing death or serious injury every year and an additional 20 collisions with vehicles.

 “There are over 4,200 near hits across Australia every year resulting from trespass. Each near hit and collision has a profoundly traumatic and lasting impact on the train driver and crew involved. Such incidents see rail employees tragically exposed to trauma while simply doing their jobs; some of whom are unable to return to work thereafter.

TrackSAFE is encouraging all to help keep this festive season alive by staying safe on our rail network. Please spare a thought this Christmas for those innocent rail employees who are sufferingemotional, mental and physical trauma having been unwillingly involved in a near collision, incident or fatality on our network.

“Staying safe on our network is up to all of us in the community. Just like you, our rail employees want to make it home safely to their families this Christmas.” concluded Ms Frauenfelder.

Australia: 10th national Rail Safety Week underway

11 Aug

The Australasian rail industry is uniting for the tenth anniversary of Rail Safety Week (August 10th-16th, 2015) and is marking the occasion with the launch of a new video asking commuters to consider what rail safety means to them.

General Manager of the TrackSAFE Foundation, Naomi Frauenfelder, commented on the video’s core message of rail safety being everyone’s responsibility and said that people should use Rail Safety Week as a time to reflect on how to behave when near tracks and trains.

“After a decade of industry raising awareness about the importance of being safe near tracks and trains, it is critical that the impetus and ownership be supported by the commuting public,” said Ms Frauenfelder.

“Today is marked by the launch of a new video which shines a light on peoples thoughts on rail safety; from students not using their phones on their way to school, to a mother holding on to her pram, to the on duty police officer enforcing the rules at a local level crossing.

“Each person values what rail does for them and respects the safety measures put in place to ensure that their lives, and the lives of those around them, are kept out of harm’s way.

“Whether going to go to work, to school, on holiday or visiting friends and family, everyone deserves to get there and back safely, and that is what this video promotes,” said Ms Frauenfelder.

TrackSAFE represents the rail industry in working together to mitigate the number of incidents and the resultant trauma caused to employees. With the support of its members, jurisdictional police, state government and other key stakeholders, Rail Safety Week activities will be rolled out across the country for the entire week in an effort to encourage everyone to ‘be responsible’ and safe around tracks and trains.

“Over the years, more and more rail organisations have become involved in this community awareness initiative by visiting schools, holding competitions, running advertising campaigns, and ultimately increasing awareness of the importance of rail safety,” Ms Frauenfelder continued.

“Every single death or injury on the rail network is avoidable if people obey the signs and signals and always exercise caution.

“This Rail Safety Week, I implore all Australian’s and New Zealander’s to listen to our message and consider what rail safety means to them, because, after all, it’s everyone’s responsibility,” Ms Frauenfelder concluded.

To watch the video and see a full list of activities, visit www.tracksafefoundation.com.au/rail-safety-week/.

Share what rail safety means to you at @TrackSAFE/#RSW2015.

Victoria: State parliament holds-up lease of port to pay for crossing elimination

1 Aug

Last year, the incoming Labor administration took control of the State Parliament with the  promise of eliminating 50 level crossings in the Greater Melbourne region within two four-year parliamentary terms, including 20 in this their first term of government.

Funding the AUD6 billion project was very-much a muted issue during the election campaign as the perceived benefits of crossing elimination was the campaign strategy with leasing the Port of Melbourne to the private sector as Labor’s answer to the source of funding.

Now, legislation that will allow Victoria to lease the Port of Melbourne is being held up in the State Parliament. How long before this impacts on the crossing elimination programme is a question that needs to be answered as does the value to be unlocked through leasing-out the Port of Melbourne.

Australia: Planning for Rail Safety Week underway

23 Mar

The Rail Safety Week Committee held its first meeting earlier this month to commence planning for Rail Safety Week 2015, which will be held from August 10th to 16th, 2015. This year marks ten years of Rail Safety Week and the resulting campaign will have a strong forward focus emphasising a collaborative approach to rail safety while acknowledging past efforts.

Representatives from the ARA, ARTC, Bombardier, Brookfield Rail, John Holland, Keolis Downer, Leighton Contractors, Metro Trains Melbourne, NSW TrainLink, Northern Territory Police, Public Transport Authority WA, Queensland Police, Queensland Rail, South Australian Police, Sydney Trains, VicTrack, and TrackSAFE came together to discuss the shape of the campaign and ways in which each participating organisation will proceed in ensuring that this year’s campaign is of the highest impact and quality.

Australia: Research into intentional death on the railway

23 Mar

The Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) has been commissioned to assess the feasibility for a national TrackSAFE register and will profile persons who choose rail as a means of taking their life. This exploratory research project will work with coroners across the jurisdictions to get a concrete picture of intentional death on the railway so that TrackSAFE can develop campaigns and strategies that speak to those demographics. TrackSAFE is hopeful that the information provided will be useful for our partners in the industry as we work together to address incidents on our networks.

Australia: TrackSAFE planning for Rail R U OK? Day

11 Dec

imagegen.ashxTrackSAFE is busy planning for Rail R U OK? Day are in the final stages of development. A high level industry of engagement is anticipated as the event will be an internal campaign focused on encouraging rail staff to engage each other in meaningful conversations.

Two engagement sessions are planned to be held in Melbourne and Sydney in early February 2015. Subsequent engagement sessions will be held as requested and the engagement material will be made available online for download. TrackSAFE is developing a toolkit for dissemination at these sessions that will include tips for starting a conversation as well as ideas for events that participating organisations can execute at their workplace on Rail R U OK? Day.

Additionally, TrackSAFE has added the new initiative under the Current Projects section of the website to allow people to register their interest in participating in the event. TrackSAFE will use those registrants as points of contact when sharing information leading up to the event.

R U OK? is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Gavin Larkin in 2009, whose vision is a world where we’re all connected and are protected from suicide. Accordingly, our mission is to encourage and equip everyone to regularly and meaningfully ask “are you ok?”

We know that suicide prevention is an enormously complex and sensitive challenge the world over. But we also know that some of the world’s smartest people have been working tirelessly and developed credible theories that suggest there’s power in that simplest of questions – “Are you ok?”