About LXinfo.org


LXinfo.org is alive and well albeit as blog rather than an e-magazine. Aidan Nelson , a diector of Community Safety Partnerships Ltd remains the editor

Why the change in format to a blog? So that we can be more immediate in our coverage than is possible with a monthly magazine.

But will you cover as many stories as in the past? No, as the time available to me to edit LXinfo has reduced because I am now also working on a number of unrelated projects. Also, we no longer routinely monitor non-English language media the base criteria is that there is some coverage of the topic in English which can act as a prompt to search media appearing in other languages

Is Community Safety Partnerships, the publisher of LXinfo still in business? Yes, it continues to offer consultancy support to a range of clients in the UK and elsewhere. For more information contact:
– Aidan Nelson online at aidannelson@comsafetypartners.com or by telephone +44 (0)1904 448439.
– Sue Nelson online at suenelson@comsafetypartners.com or by telephone +44 (0) 1904 448439

What’s happened to the LXinfo archive material? The source material is retained by the editor who will search the database for you. Please contact Aidan Nelson online at aidannelson@comsafetypartners.com if you would like access to this material

One Response to “About LXinfo.org”

  1. Malcolm Shine October 21, 2015 at 11:20 #

    You may be interested in this, Network Rail are trying to permanently close a pedestrian level crossing which has never had an accident or fatality & has only a quarter of reportable incidents compared with the nearby station:


    I am happy to forward FOI data I have received from Network Rail

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