Lincoln, UK: Second footbridge will be built

8 Apr

New designs of the Brayford Wharf footbridge in LincolnAs work continues to install the eagerly anticipated new footbridge over High Street level crossing in Lincoln, Network Rail has announced that it will progress plans for a bridge over the neighbouring Brayford Wharf crossing.

Rob McIntosh, Route Managing Director at Network Rail, said: “I know how disruptive the level crossings in Lincoln can be to the city centre.  I am also very concerned by the high levels of misuse we continue to see on these crossings with people rushing over the lines after the warning sequence has started.

“Work on the bridge on High Street is progressing well. It will open this summer to provide an accessible, safe route across the railway for pedestrians and cyclists at all times.  This will also be linked to Brayford Wharf [the distance between Brayford Wharf East level crossing and the new footbridge at High Street is 160 metres] via a new footpath, giving better options to residents, students, shoppers and visitors than they have had in living memory.

“As locals are aware we also want to install a bridge at Brayford Wharf East but have faced considerable challenges through rising costs.  I am delighted to announce that by working with stakeholders in Lincoln we have been able to redesign the bridge to make it more affordable whilst still retaining high design standards which city officials were keen to see.  This design is still more expensive than our original budget but we will be able to meet this cost.

“My team is working up the detailed proposals for the bridge and will submit a planning application in the Autumn.”

Karl McCartney MP, Lincoln’s Member of Parliament, said: “I am delighted that Network Rail has been able to move this vital transport project forward. It will be of huge benefit to the City of Lincoln. Alongside the coming High Street footbridge and better direct rail services to London, Lincoln will soon one of Britain’s most rail friendly cities for passengers, pedestrians and motorists alike. The missing pieces of the transport jigsaw in Lincoln are all coming together to create a joined up City, exactly what we need to take advantage of Lincoln’s thriving economy.”


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