Tucson, AZ: USD 120 million grade-separation approved

3 Feb

At a February 2nd, 2016 meeting the Arizona Corporation Commission approved a grade-separated replacement for a busy at-grade / level crossing of the Union Pacific Railroad’s right-of-way in the North West of Tucson.

The USD 120 million project will remove the at-grade crossing at I-10 & Ina Road. I-10 will be lowered to ground level and widened to eight lanes with Ina Road raised to cross over Caminio de Oeste, the Union Pacific right-of-way, and I- 10. Ina Road will be reconstructed as a six lane roadway with turn lanes, bicycle lanes, and sidewalks.

With the at-grade crossing removed, Ina road will still have access to I-10 but traffic congestion will be relieved since it will eliminate conflict between train and vehicular traffic. The construction is part of a larger project which extends from east of Ruthrauff Road to east of Prince Road.

A portion of the USD 120 million project will be funded the Federal Highway Administration. It will take 24 months to complete with work expected to startilater this year. During the construction of the new highway infrastructure Ina Road and the on and off ramps of I-10 at Ina Road will be closed to all highway traffic for extended periods.


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