Denver, CO: RTD funded grade-separation nears completion

17 Dec

The Regional Transportation District of Denver (RTD) project to replace the 64th Avenue level crossing  between Pecos Street and Federal Boulevard with a road-over-rail bridge is nearing completion.

The new 64th Avenue Bridge between Pecos Street and Federal Boulevard

Denver Transit Partners, RTD’s contractor for the Northwest Rail (B) Line, started bridge construction in January 2015 and expects to complete it by January 2016. Upon opening, the new bridge will offer several improvements to the area:

•    The bridge will span across the freight rail tracks and the future commuter rail line known as the Northwest Rail Westminster Segment
•    The grade-separated roadway will allow traffic to flow without stopping at the rail crossing
•     Pedestrian safety will improve with new curb gutters and a 10-foot sidewalk added to the south side of the road
•    Trains will be quieter since they will no longer be required to blow their horns at the 64th Avenue intersection. Train engineers will only sound their horns if there is an emergency or if workers are in the roadway.

For the past 12 months, 64th Avenue has been closed to through traffic during construction. When the bridge is complete, segments of the Little Dry Creek and Clear Creek trails will also be restored and opened for pedestrians and bicycle travel.

The Northwest Rail (B) Line will stretch 41 miles from Denver to Longmont, winding through unincorporated Adams County. The first 6.2-mile segment from Union Station in Denver to 71st Avenue and Lowell Boulevard in Westminster is scheduled to be complete in 2016.

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