Jakarta, Indonesia: Ten times as many illegal crossings

11 Dec
Jakarta’s Governor B T Purnama has said that there are ten times as many illegal level crossings as there are legal crossings. While the solution is clear that roundly 100 legal level crossings should all be grade separated, the practicalities of doing this are enormous given the impact that this would have on diverse city neighbourhoods.
The issue of the 1,000 illegal crossings will require equal thought as many of these are subject to habitual misuse and are important routes across the railway for pedestrians. Thus there is an expectation that these routes should remain until acceptable alternative routes are constructed.
`In reality, the plans to significantly increase the number of commuter rail services with three minute headways should be the catalyst for action to address both legal and illegal level crossing before implementation of the new services. This imperative is recognised by the governor, but will recognition lead to action?

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