Jakarta, Indonesia: Second collision with a bus kills 18

8 Dec

A passenger train collided with a bus on a level crossing in the Tambora neighbourhood in Jakarta, killing 18 of the occupants of a bus. Local police are reported as saying that the bus driver failed to heed the stop signals at the crossing.

The bus was dragged 300 metres in the December 6th, 2015 collision,ending up at a station ahead of the crossing where further passengers from the bus were treated for serious injuries. The bus driver was also taken to hospital where he was charred with “criminal negligence and endangerment”.

Subsequently, the Transport Ministry called a press conference on December 7th at which the Director General for Railways urged the Jakarta Civic Administration to close 19 level crossings where a grade separated alternative is available. One of the 19 is the crossing on which the December 6th collision with a bus occurred.

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