Melbourne, VIC: Glen Huntly traders push for crossing removal

16 Nov

The latest push to change the make-up of the Victoria Government’s programme to remove fifty level crossings in the Melbourne region is from the Glen Huntly Traders Association. They are arguing that the Glen Huntly Road level crossing, which divides the community’s shopping district, should be eliminated ahead of other less risky crossings that have made the removal programme.

There are clearly undercurrents that the Labor administration’s list of crossings to be eliminated is politically rather than risk-led. Indeed, this political drive is evident in statements that the make-up of the crossing removal programme will not change as delivery of the programme cited in the run-up to the 2014 state elections will be addressed by 2022 in order to deliver election promises.

Given the risks associated with a number of crossings exceeding those associated with crossings within the programme, maybe the objective should be to get them added to the programme without attempting to substitute these projects for others included in the current 50 crossings programme. However, there are questions of funding that are insurmountable meaning that it will be the 2018 election campaign that may see commitments to extend the elimination programme from 2022 to 2026.

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