Market Harborough, UK: Council continues to oppose emergency crossing closure

13 Aug

Closing a footpath level crossing in Market Harborough on safety grounds isn’t good enough for leicestershire County Council it would seem. Despite having lights to indicated whether or not it is safe to cross, Network Rail is arguing that the crossing is unsafe and has to be closed because the level of risk to pedestrian users of the level crossing was unacceptably high.

A revised risk assessment triggered the closure of the Glebe Road level crossing in the Little Bowden area of Market Harborough in  July 2015. This emergency closure had been rejected by the County Council which maintained that there was no evidence of an increased risk. Subsequent to the emergency closure, Network Rail has met with County Council officials who have reiterated the need for the Glebe Road pedestrian level crossing to reopen.

Locally, it is being argued that Network Rail should have built a footbridge before closing the level crossing. The next move appears to be in the hands of Network Rail which has said that it will set out its position in a letter to those impacted by the sudden closure of an important footpath route across the railway.

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