Pinxton, United Kingdom: Comedy or dangerous reality?

1 Aug

LXinfoImage133-BTPlogoBritish Transport Police (BTP) has released CCTV footage of an incident where a yellow three-wheeled Reliant Robin was driven “recklessly” at Pinxton CCTV equipped full-barrier level crossing in Derbyshire. The CCTV footage shows the car traversing the crossing and then when the barriers descended hitting one barrier as the car was reversed onto the crossing, pausing and then reversing into a second barrier. Then the motorist paused again while a passenger in the car got out before the car was driven forwards off the crossing under a barrier lifted by a third person to allow the motorist to drive clear of the railway. The scenario would have been more at home in a clip from vintage comedy Only Fools and Horses than present day reality.

BTP is appealing for witnesses to come forward who could identify the motorist involved in the incident that occurred at about 00.30 on June 21st, 2015. Anyone with information is asked to contact British Transport police on 0800 405040. In addition to endangering safety, the incident caused Network Rail a repair bill of up to GBP15,000.

To view the incident go to:

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