Melbourne, VIC: Labor’s budget allocates AUD 2.6 billion to grade-separation

11 May

The Victoria Labor Government’s first budget has at its heart the tackling of road congestion and elimination of level crossings. The Labor budget includes AUD 2.6 billion to be spent on grade-separation schemes across the Melbourne city region.

The State Government has already said all nine level crossings between Dandenong and Caulfield would be removed as part of the Cranbourne – Pakenham line of route development project.

Four more level crossing elimination projects have already been put out to tender, these are, Main Road in St Albans, North Road in Ormond, Burke Road in Glen Iris, and Blackburn Road in Blackburn. Each of these will gone within three years when grade-separation works are complete. Hot on the heels of these schemes the Level Crossing Removal Authority has already taken four morel level crossing grade-separation projects to the market on an informal basis. These are: Furlong Road, St Albans; Heatherdale Road, Blackburn; Centre Road, Bentleig; and, McKinnon Road, McKinnon.

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