Sefton, UK: Network Rail withdraws planning application

8 Apr

network Rail has withdrawn its planning application to replace the Fisherman’s Path level crossing between Ainsdale and Freshfield with a ramped access footbridge. This follows the decision of Sefton’s Planning Committee to reject the proposal despite the crossing having a fatal accident history and limited sighting that make it a priority for risk reduction.

The stance of the Planning Committee is that even with ramped access the bridge is not suitable for cyclists and some mobility impaired. In so as the cyclists are concerned the provision of a channel within which to wheel bicycles was reported to the Planning Committee as detrimental to the safety of cyclists because they cannot hold the handrail while wheeling their bikes up and down the ramped access. Otherwise, the brief to the planners made it clear that the paths leading to the crossing are not suitable for wheel chair users, others with mobility issues can access and use the level crossing but would be unable to use the proposed bridge.

Clearly there is an imperative on Sefton Borough Council’s officers to work with Network Rail to develop a cost-effective solution that eliminates the Fisherman’s Path level crossing.


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