Hardeeville, SC: Keep a bridge over a disused railway?

8 Apr

A road bridge on Speedway Boulevard in Hardeeville over a CSX Transportation (CSX) right-of-way is due for replacement. This has prompted the State DoT to recommend that the bridge over what is presently a disused CSX right-of-way is replaced with an at-grade crossing. This solution has an estimated cost of USD1.9 million, more than USD3.0 million less than keeping the bridge over the railway.

However, the DoT preferred solution has not found favour with the Jasper County Transportation Committee which at its meeting on March 25th, 2015, voted to record their opposition to the elimination of the bridge as they are concerned that should the railway become operational, for example if the talked about port is built, the funding to reinstate the bridge would not be forthcoming.

In so far as the DoT is concerned, the condition of the bridge will require the imposition of a weight restriction. in the first instance the restriction is generally 25 tons and as the bridge deteriorates this would be reduced to eight tons at which point any further deterioration of the bridge would require that it is closed to all traffic.

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