USA: Operation Lifesaver asks Who’s with us?

20 Mar


Reproduced below is the latest blog post from Operation Lifesaver in the USA

Who’s with us?

Recent high-profile crossing crashes have called attention to the need for rail safety education.

The numbers are in. And they aren’t good. 

The Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) preliminary 2014 rail safety statistics show that railroad crossing collisions rose more than eight percent, crossing-related deaths increased by 15.6 percent and pedestrian rail trespassing deaths jumped by a staggering 22 percent from 2013 to 2014. The only decreases in the national numbers were for injuries from crossing incidents (14 percent) and trespassing (two percent). 

These increases may not be surprising, if you’ve been following news reports documenting a number of tragic incidents in recent months. In the U.S., a person or car is hit by a train every three hours: that stark statistic is starting to sink in with the public and the media. 

While government safety experts review the causes of these crossing or trespass incidents, we know that education plays a critical role in reducing deaths and injuries near railroad tracks. As the nation’s leading nonprofit rail safety education organization, here’s what Operation Lifesaver is doing to help bring down the numbers of incidents, injuries and deaths in 2015:

• Our network of volunteers stand ready to provide FREE safety presentations across the country, to schools, driver ed classes, trucking companies, school bus drivers, first responders, and other interested groups that would benefit from information and customized training on how to be safe at crossings and near railroad tracks.

• Operation Lifesaver provides safety resources for all at, including e-Learning programs for professional truck and bus drivers, safety tips for motorists and pedestrians, videos for kids, and much more.

• We are continuing our See Tracks? Think Train! public awareness campaign with a new video that is sure to capture the attention of our target audiences. 

Here’s what YOU can do to help us attack this public safety problem:

• If you are passionate about helping to reduce crossing and trespass incidents, volunteer with Operation Lifesaver in your state. 

Request a free safety presentation. 

Share our stories with your social networks.

We’re only a few months into 2015, and while there have already been several high-profile rail crossing and trespass incidents with tragic outcomes, we can still make a difference.  

Let’s join forces to ensure the 2015 statistics aren’t so grim. This time next year, let’s look at the numbers and together take pride in their decline.

Who’s with us?

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