UK: When will the media learn?

17 Mar
A correspondent of LXinfo has again taken The Observer (for our foreign readers, this is a “quality” sunday newspaper) to task for again accepting images of level crossing misuse for commercial gain. The resulting letter is reproduced in full below:
“Dear Observer,

Some six months ago I had occasion to write to you (see below) to register my disquiet at your decision to publish a picture of a fashion model posing unnecessarily (and almost certainly illegally) on a railway level crossing.

Not only did you fail to do me the courtesy of acknowledging (much less of replying to) my communication but you have now compounded this error of judgement by repeating it.

Page 13 of today’s issue contains a picture of two singers known as Raintown standing/sitting on such a crossing, which is itself an offence.  The picture appears to have been taken by someone standing on the tracks away from the crossing, which is an even more serious case of criminal trespass.

Such behaviour is dangerous, and to illustrate it with implicit approval is to condone it.  Why does your paper continue to act so irresponsibly?

Yours sincerely


Maybe, the answer lies with British Transport Police paying the source of the image and those that have used it for commercial gain a visit.

One Response to “UK: When will the media learn?”

  1. Andrew Fraser March 17, 2015 at 15:11 #

    … and then they might tackle outdoor advertisements on “railway” land aimed at distracting road vehicle drivers from the dangerous task with which they are occupied …

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