Saltney, UK: P**s poor planning = p**s poor performance

17 Mar

Rudimentary failures in planning for level crossing works have caused a busy level crossing to be closed for three weeks longer than expected. Network Rail is rightly getting it in the neck for failing to adequately advise users of the extended closure of the Green Lane automatic half-barrier level crossing in Saltney near Chester.

While late advice of the extended closure is bad enough as the cause was the discovery of a high-voltage power cable and a manhole which have impacted the work to prepare the level crossing for the double-tracking of the railway later this year.

Surely, the presence of the high voltage cable could and should have been identified during the planning phase of the project? Likewise, surely the presence of the manhole and the reasons for its existence should also have been discovered when planning the work?

Yes, the safety of the workforce is of fundamental importance, this alone highlights why the presence of buried services should be established before works begin and not emerge in a statement explaining the delay that has been carried by local media

Given the own goals in terms of poor planning, LXinfo hopes that lessons will have been learned and that those responsible for a failure to detect services in the vicinity of the level crossing are counselled as to their shortcomings as we don’t want to have to draw attention to the mismanagement of buried services issue again. Is this a case of wishful thinking?


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