Western Springs, IL: Level crossing red light cameras being considered

11 Mar

The Village of Western Springs, a Chicago suburb, is considering the case for installing red light photo enforcement cameras at level crossings on safety grounds. Presently the village has red light photo-enfocement at a number of highway intersections and has received a presentation on how it might be extended to the Wolf Street and possibly other level crossings. The rationale being that they could be a component of a strategy to secure of a Federal Railroad Administration approved quiet zone throughout the village.

if photo-enforcement is extended to level crossings, violation of the red lights at level crossings would attract a USD250 penalty for a first offence and double that for any additional violationsUnder the program, motorists caught by the cameras crossing railroad tracks either when the red warning lights are flashing, or if the gates are down, would be given a USD250 ticket for the first violation, with a USD500 fine for follow-up violations.

An issue to be addressed in the eyes of local politicians is the cost of installing and managing the enforcement cameras as the current scheme for highway intersections within the village is contracted out. A factor to be considered is the number of level crossing related infractions likely to be detected per camera and the revenue that would accrue to the village after all fees and charges have ben met. in any event, the primary consideration should be the safety benefits arising from fewer level crossing red light violations.

One Response to “Western Springs, IL: Level crossing red light cameras being considered”

  1. Andrew Fraser March 11, 2015 at 14:19 #

    When will we ever learn? As usual, there seems to have been no detailed study of any of the locations and actions involved.

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