Masaipet, India: !6 deaths and still the lessons are not learned

15 Dec

Despite the death of 14 school children and two adults when the school bus in which they were travelling was hit by a train, residents and road users are slow to understand the importance of using level crossings properly. The three level crossings in Masaipet, Medak District, Telangana are no longer passive and are now manned, yet levels of abuse are high. The barriers at the level crossing on which the school bus collision occurred were installed on July 24th, 2014, the same day of the accident and since then the crossing has been manned. This was possible as the only work outstanding on the day of the accident was the installation of the barriers.

The antagonism and abuse rom those who are now required to wait at the three level crossings in Masaipet is significant and the barriers are often ignored by pedestrians while motorists blame the crossing keeper for delaying their journey by lowering the barriers too early. This is exacerbated by the neighbouring level crossings closing to road traffic at the same time as they are within the same railway signalling section.


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