Shreveport, LA: Two-year closure prior to quiet zone implementation

27 Nov

Shreveport City Council has agreed to implement a two-year closure of Lake Street between the Clyde Fant Parkway and Commerce Street, effective January 5th, 2015. The closure will lead to the silencing of train horns pending the implementation of a quiet zone. The unusual approach of such a lengthy temporary closure of the Lake Street level crossing is to reduce noise levels that have impacted the Shreveport Downtown Hotel and protect its ability to operate as a Holiday Inn.

The agreement between the hotel and City Council provides for the City to pursue a quiet zone, with 50% of the costs being recoverable from the hotel. This is no small sum as the City has estimated the cost of the crossing upgrade and associated highway works will cost in the region of USD700,000 and will take two to three-years to secure the necessary consents.

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