Jackson, OH: Dormant level crossing to be removed

18 Nov

The Ohio Department of Transportation (OhDoT) in conjunction with the City of Jackson and the Ohio South Central Railroad (OSCR), and the Ohio Rail Development Commission have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding to remove a level crossing on State Highway 93 in Jackson County.

The level crossing, which is located approximately two miles north of Oak Hill, is owned by the city of Jackson and the dormant railway is operated by OSCR. The roadway over the level crossing has deteriorated significantly and poses a safety hazard to motorists. Therefore, it has been agreed that the best solution would be to remove the rails through the crossing and replace the roadway. OSCR will remove the flashing lights at the crossing.

The agreement put in place to allow the removal of the crossing provides for the railway through the crossing to retain an active status and for the level crossing to be reinstated when traffic over the dormant railway is resumed.

LXinfo commends this approach as all too often level crossings of dormant railways are left in situ, often for years as motorist behaviours regress with the risk that they will become complacent and ignore controls at level crossings over which trains are running.

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