Ely, UK: English Heritage out of step with local wishes

3 Nov

English Heritage is attracting criticism within Ely for its stance that the proposed southern by-pass is unacceptable for aesthetic reasons. Yes, the views of Ely cathedral are magnificent and need to be safeguarded. While the proposed by-pass will take a constant stream of large trucks away from the city centre, the loss of amenity will only affect the view from an area where few other than fishermen venture.

The Ely Station North CCTV equipped manually controlled level crossing is used by some 1,200 trucks that cannot use the limited height underpass. Indeed, at times, the queue of trucks is such that not one of the other 13,800 vehicles can use the adjacent underpass.

Diverting the A142 via a new southern by-pass with a new bridge over the River Ouse is preferred by those responding to a public consultation and both the East Cambridgeshire District and County councils as already the level crossing is closed to road traffic for 35 minutes in an hour with 45 minutes in prospect as the railway becomes busier.

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