Sheet, UK: Demonstration in support of crossing closure

13 Oct

Parents and children have demonstrated in favour of closing a level crossing next to the primary school in Sheet, Hampshire. This aligns with Network Rail’s plans to replace the automatic half-barrier crossing with a ramped footbridge.

Network Rail also wants to close the “high risk” unmanned crossing in Sheet and replace it with a ramped footbridge for pedestrians. However, local businesses are taking a different line, supported by a 2,000 signature petition, saying that it will hurt them because they will lose valuable passing trade. They argue that upgrading the crossing to a full barrier status will address the incidents that have been recorded on this high-risk level crossing.

The demonstration in favour of closing the level crossing was supported by Tina Hughes whose daughter was killed when she was hit by a train in 2005 and who is now a user champion supporting Network Rail to reduce the risk arising at Britain’s level crossings.

One Response to “Sheet, UK: Demonstration in support of crossing closure”

  1. Shaun Whelan October 27, 2014 at 14:24 #

    Sheet Primary School’s governing body voted earlier this year to support closure of the crossing, provided that funding was guaranteed to complete related road safety improvements, such as turning circles and parking. The vote was taken after polling the parent community at the school who voted decisively in favour of closure. Closure of the crossing would not only reduce the risk to pupils from the railway but would also eliminate the high risk presented to them from “rat run” traffic which they encounter daily on their way to and from school. Unfortunately local “commercial” interests seem to be prepared to put their self interest before child safety.

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