Manchester, UK: petitioning for a safer crossing

13 Oct

Residents of the Chorlton neighbourhood in Manchester have launched a petition to try and secure a safer route across the new Manchester Airport and existing Didsbury tram lroutest. The argument behind the petition is that children on their way to and from school will have to cross each route separately.

The petition calls for the footpath from Mauldeth Road West giving access to the St Werburgh’s tram stop and providing a route across the tramway to be moved. Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has said that this cannot be justified. The case for moving the crossing from the North to South ends of the proposed island platform of the St Werburgh’s tram stop is that it would be safer because of better sighting of approaching trams. Conversely TfGM maintains that tram speeds are reduced to address the sighting issue and that the crossing can be built on land already owned by TfGM. However, it is reported that TfGM has previously been offered land by Chorlton High School to enable the access and crossing to be from the south end of the platform.

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