Dunlap, IN: Parking tickets for errant Norfolk Southern trains

7 Oct

Frustration is running at a high level in Dunlap as a result of Norfolk Southern trains standing across level crossings for extended periods. The remedy is ticketing trains in much the same way that errant motorists find themselves ticketed for overstaying their welcome.

Indiana law makes overstaying the 10 minutes trains are allowed unless they are at a stand for reasons beyond the control of the railroad a Class C infraction equivalent to a speeding ticket. indeed, the Elkhart County Sheriff says that citations will be issued.
Indeed, they have moved to issue citations with the first set relating to a train that straddled the crossing for an extended period because the train crew had run out of hours and their relief was two hours away. As a result and following further complaints Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the crossing at 14.00 and issued a total of 18 tickets with one coming every ten minutes that the train fowled the crossing. With a maximum fine of USD500 per occasion, this exercise could cost Norfolk Southern USD9,000.
The problem reflects the growing traffic on the Norfolk Southern rail corridor linking Pittsburgh and Chicago and the absence of any grade-separated route across the railway, with no prospect of one being constructed in the foreseeable future.

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