Malton & Norton, UK: Twin towns divided by a level crossing

15 Sep

Even when the railway is operating normally, closure of the level crossing on the only direct route between the twin towns can cause road traffic to back-up into Malton’s town centre. But this is nothing compared with the impact of extensive closure of the level crossing to allow railway maintenance to take place.

From October 25th until December 29th, 2014 the level crossing will be closed to all traffic, including pedestrians, on 29 occasions. Some of the closures run from 22.00 on a saturday to 07.00 on a monday. At other times the crossing will be closed from 22.65 to 06.55 the following warning.

The only diversion offered, which is some five miles long because there is no nearer bridge across the River Derwent, is via the busy A64, a route in any event not suitable for pedestrians, cyclists and those using mobility scooters.

Retailers in Malton are concerned of the impact that the all day sunday closures will have on their businesses. Other employers working shifts with a staff change over at 22.00 and 06.00 are concerned at the difficulties faced by staff members without access to a car.

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