Taunton, UK: Inquest hears from witnesses to fatal accident

5 Sep

A Coroner sitting with a jury in Taunton, Somerset has been hearing evidence from friends and witnesses to the accident which claimed the life of a motorist on the Athelney automatic half-barrier level crossing on March 21st, 2013 has heard that the deceased was always punctual and that he would not have wanted to be late for work and that this might have influenced his behaviour when the crossing was closed to road traffic and no train appeared as he might have expected.

A witness has given evidence that the car being driven by the deceased was standing at the lowered level crossing barrier with the crossing lights flashing red. Then the vehicle rolled backwards and after a wait of between 30-60 seconds proceeded into the path of a train which was travelling at about 100mph while running on green signals. The collision with the car resulted in the death of the sole occupant.

Another witness, a cyclist waiting at the level crossing said that she had waited between five and ten minutes during which time no train appeared.

The operation of the level crossing following overnight engineering work is pertinent.

The Inquest continues.

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