Elsenham: Will the level crossing become unstaffed?

30 Aug

The vehicular crossing at Elsenham is at present manually operated by crossing keepers who also operate the pedestrian crossing for those that cannot use the footbridge may be modernised and controlled remotely. This is sensitive as there have been three fatalities on the pedestrian component of this crossing, including teenagers Olivia Bazlinton and Charlie Thompson who were killed on December 3rd, 2005.

Since then Elsenham’s level crossing has remained in the public focus due to an exceedingly long and tortuous journey while the bereaved sought to expose all material facts. This culminated with the successful prosecution of Network Rail and the appointment of Tina Hughes, Olivia’s mother as Network Rail’s user champion.

Now, Network Rail is contemplating the best way forward for the Elsenham level crossing. One option is the conversion to a remotely controlled CCTV equipped level crossing with obstacle detection. In any event, the sensitivity surrounding Elsenham will ensure that whatever the solution, the safety case for change will be subject to detailed scrutiny by the bereaved.

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