Australia & New Zealand: Rail Safety Week generates extensive media coverage

11 Aug

Near Hits Final A3Train Noise Final A3The media around Australia and New Zealand has widely reported the launch of Rail Safety Week and the initiatives launched to engage and educate the public of the need to act safely when around railways, in particular at level crossings.

Examples of the coverage include:

  • Police and KiwiRail promoting safe behaviour at level crossings on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island – a corridor that has experienced five collisions and there fatalities in the past year.
  • A police blitz in New South Wales targeting motorists and pedestrians who choose to ignore the rules for the safe use of level crossings.
  • the Marlborough Road Safety Council has surveyed patterns of behaviour at Blenheim’s busiest level crossing and is promoting safe behaviours to address the risks identified.

This coverage comes within the week-long campaign organised by TrackSAFE and focussing on the message ‘Near miss… Near Hit’ aimed at raising awareness around the 1,000 near misses occurring each year and the fact that a ‘near miss’ is actually a ‘near hit’ and a split second difference between keeping your life and losing it.


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