Kemble, UK: RAIB announces investigation of fatal accident

29 Jul
Frampton Mansell UWC, source RAIB

Frampton Mansell UWC, source RAIB

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) has announced that it is investigating a fatal accident that occurred on a level crossing at Frampton Mansell, between Kemble and Stroud, on May 11th, 2014. At about 18.40, a motorcyclist was riding his motorbike across the railway when he was struck by a train travelling from Swindon to Gloucester, and died shortly afterwards.

The crossing, which is over two railway tracks, links an unclassified tarmac road on the northern edge of Frampton Mansell with a track running through farmland towards Sapperton. The unstaffed crossing is provided with simple swing gates, and signs which give warnings and instructions to users on how the crossing is to be used safely. On each side of the crossing are located telephones which are linked to the signalling centre.

RAIB’s investigation will identify the sequence of events which led to the accident and any factors which may have influenced the actions of the user. It will also examine:
  • Network Rail’s management of the crossing;
  • the history of the crossing; and
  • the permitted uses of the track and road on the approaches to the crossing.

RAIB’s investigation is independent of any investigation by the safety authority (the Office of Railway Regulation).

RAIB will publish its findings, including any recommendations to improve safety, at the conclusion of its investigation. These findings will be available on the RAIB website.

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