USA: Operation Lifesaver annual report reprises 2013

28 Jul

LXinfoImage1235-See tracks think trainOperation Lifesaver in the USA,has published its 2013 annual report, which reviews the organization’s accomplishments, according to President and CEO Joyce Rose.

The activities detailed in Operation Lifesaver’s annual report include:

  • The launch of its new Authorized Volunteer (OLAV) programme and results
  • Results of education outreach and social media efforts
  • Activities involving international partners and programmes, including visits from delegations representing Indian and Thai Railways, and OLI President Joyce Rose’s award-winning presentation at the 23rd International Railway Safety Conference
  • The distribution of grants from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for safety campaigns and other activities in cities and states around the country
  • The development of See Tracks? Think Train! a new national public awareness campaign, with the assistance of the Association of American Railroads (AAR), FRA, and FTA
  • Expanding partnerships for safety initiatives with Amtrak, the American Public Transportation Association, AAR and National Organizations for Youth Safety

“Last year, Operation Lifesaver implemented its new volunteer training program, which will allow us to reach a broader audience with our rail safety messages,” Rose said. “With the development of the See Tracks? Think Train! campaign and increased partnerships with safety organizations in the U.S. and abroad, we will continue to make a difference in communities throughout America, and across the world.”

To read the Operation Lifesaver USA annual report for 2013 go to:


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