Grimsby: Police & Network Rail issue stark warning to pedestrians

23 Jul

British Transport Police (BTP) and Network Rail have issued a stark warning that reckless and dangerous pedestrian behaviour on Grimsby’s level crossings could end in tragedy.

Footage captured by CCTV cameras installed at the busy level crossings on Littlefield and Wellowgate shows pedestrians continuing to use the level crossings after the lights and audible warning closure sequence has begun.In some cases pedestrians are continuing to cross after the barriers have begun to lower

One piece of Wellowgate footage shows a group of young people running over the crossing after the barriers have started to lower, and becoming trapped on the wrong side of the exit barriers until they lift it to allow them to leave the level crossing.

Grimsby is a town divided by level crossings that in the urban context are not easy to eliminate without significant impact on the community. Therefore for the foreseeable future education and enforcement will necessarily go hand-in-hand as without this there remains a greater risk of harm arising, particularly to pedestrians as misuse is enduring and endemic.

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