Werris Creek, NSW: ARTC told go shunt elsewhere

30 May

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) is again being pressed to restructure how they shunt trains at Werris Creek to avoid them blocking the level crossing to the south of the town. Pressure to resolve this long-standing issue is from the Liverpool Plains Shire Council and from locally elected councillors.

It has been suggested that when trains are blocking the level crossing for more than two minutes, delayed motorists should call the ARTC help desk to complain. In addition to the general question of delayed motorists, there is a specific concern that emergency vehicles may be delayed with negative consequences for the incident to which they are responding. Another concern is that with increasing freight traffic the incidence of trains blocking the level crossing will increase.

The ARTC position is that they cannot reconfigure the infrastructure at a reasonable cost and therefore the constraints imposed by the infrastructure will remain for the foreseeable future. Additionally, ARTC has drawn attention to the fact that they do not directly control the requirement to shunt trains. ARTC has also said that multiple telephone calls to the help desk within their control room will not have an immediate impact on the movement of a train to clear the level crossing.

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