Bugle, UK: Van driver convicted in crossing near miss trial

2 May

A van driver who was involved in a very near miss with a train on the Molinnis AOCL (Automatic Open Crossing Locally Monitored)active open level crossing in Bugle, Cornwall, has been found guilty of careless driving by Truro Crown Court, although the prosecution originally argued for dangerous rather than careless driving.

The near miss was captured on the head-end cameras of the train which came within a second of hitting the van, as was evidenced in court by the download from the train. The van driver explained to the court that he had turned right immediately before the level crossing and that he had not seen the warning lights or heard the audible warning. Once he realised his predicament the van driver accelerated to clear the level crossing.

The van driver was fined GBP100, costs and victim surcharge totalling GBP125 and received five penalty points on his driving licence., his employer has also suspended him pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

One Response to “Bugle, UK: Van driver convicted in crossing near miss trial”

  1. Andrew Fraser May 6, 2014 at 08:20 #

    Well, well, well. Driver says he didn’t see the lights, no-one pays the slightest attention and the driver gets punished for something over which he has no control. Just like Cornton Level Crossing …

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