Melbourne, VIC: Election pledge in advance of November election

19 Mar

Labor Party leader, Daniel Andrews, has pledged that a Labor Government would, if elected in November 2014 make elimination of the Main Road level crossing in St Albans, Melbourne a priority. Mr Andrews said that the safety record at this level crossing on which, it has been incorrectly claimed that, more than 20 people have been killed was why his party would make eliminating this crossing a priority within their Project 10,000 transport plan. In total Project 10,000 will, should it be implemented in full, remove 50 level crossings from Victoria’s rail network.

One Response to “Melbourne, VIC: Election pledge in advance of November election”

  1. Terry Spicer March 19, 2014 at 22:28 #

    There has NOT been “more than 20 people killed” at this level crossing. As far as I am aware their has been one fatal pedestrian accident in the last decade at the Main Road St Albans PLX. However, the local newspaper has previously reported that there has been over 20 fatal accidents “within the vicinity” of the PLX. Or if you like, over 20 fatal accidents in the Streets adjacent to Main Road St Albans.

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